Nano Discovery Inc. is a biotechnology company based in Orlando, Florida, United States. We develop, manufacture and sell diagnostic tests for infectious diseases control and health management using a patented single-step and washing-free immunoassay technology invented at University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida.    


We seek to improve the lives and health of humans and animals by developing and deploying new diagnostic technologies and products which provide real time, actionable knowledge to combat the ever evolving threat of infectious diseases in our world. Costly pathogenic warfare, including the indiscriminate use of antibiotics, threatens not only human lives and health but also animal and plant resources that serve to support human life. Nano Discovery’s products for monitoring immune system function and activity provides cost-effective, critical information to develop targeted solutions for the prevention, management, and control of infectious diseases, reducing the use of antibiotics.


At Nano Discovery Inc., we have developed a unique blood test, D2Dx™, to test the immunity and immune status of animals. Research is showing that D2Dx™ test is an effective tool in the early detection of infected animals at clinical and sub-clinical stages. The results of this test may be used to:

  • Identify animals that have contracted or are at high risk of contracting infectious diseases for isolation, further diagnosis and timely treatment
  • Aid in treatment decisions and controlling the spread of infectious diseases
  • Identify animals having potentially more disease resistance and thereby reduce the use of unnecessary treatments such as antibiotics among herd
  • Predict the general health and productivity performance of the animal. A recent field trial study has shown that there is a direct correlation between D2Dx™ immunity test scores and the weight gain of calves

Testing Service

We test blood samples shipped to our facility from anywhere within the continental United States through overnight shipping. Interested farm/ranch owners please contact us directly for additional information and instruction on blood sample collection and handling. Test results are available within 12-24 hours upon receipt of the samples.

Participating in Field-Trial Studies

We are constantly conducting new field-trial studies to further evaluate and establish the value of D2Dx™ immunity test in various agricultural animal farming industry. We are interested in cattle, pigs, and poultry. The studies will be conducted at no cost to the ranch/farm owners. If you are interested in participating in such studies, please contact us for current opportunities.



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