What is D2Dx™ Immunity Test?

July 8, 2023

By Nano Discovery Team

Many people ask us: what is D2Dx™ immunity test and why should I use it to test the immune health of my animals?

We understand the question! Everybody talks about immune health and everybody understands the importance of immune health. When you hear a sale's representative telling you that their product can boost the immune health of your animals, you probably want to know if this is the case. It is not easy! Immune system is extremely complicated. It involves numerous cells and biomolecules to work together to protect animals and humans from infectious pathogens. In laboratory settings, scientists do have different tools to study the various aspects of the immune system and functions, but these tools are usually very sophisticated, expensive, and require high level of skills to use them. Sometime, you can send the blood samples of your animals to laboratory for testing, but it takes time and you have to ship the samples out and wait for days to receive the test results.

In a farm setting or small veterinary clinics, tools for measuring farm animals' immune health are very limited. Nano Discovery's  D2Dx™ immunity test provides such a tool for your needs! The test is very simple and easy to perform, and it takes one minute to obtain the results. This means you can test the immune health and status of your animals at anytime, in your farm!

The basic principle is explained here: The test uses a pseudo pathogen particle to probe the immune response capability of a blood sample from the animal. No worry - the reagent is not a real pathogen, is non-infectious and non-hazardous! Upon mixing the reagent with a blood serum or plasma sample, the humoral immune molecules in the blood including IgG, IgM, complements, cytokines and other relevant molecules will react with the pseudo pathogen particle, mimicking closely the immune reactions that occur in vivo. These immune reactions will lead to a color change of the assay solution, which is measured by a reader device, CT-100. Depending on the immune status and activity of the animal, the degree of color change varies, and the measured color change is reported directly as a quantitative immunity score.

D2Dx™ immunity test has been used to monitor and evaluate the immune health of multiple animal species (cattle, sheep, goats, poultry and swine), and for animals at all growth stages, from newborn to weaning, puberty and adulthood. Visit Nano Discovery's website to find the most recent conference presentations and scientific publications on D2Dx™ immunity test.