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D2Dx Technology Platform

The enzyme-linked immuno-absorbent assay, known simply as ELISA, is the most commonly used immunoassay technique in the market. Compared to ELISA, D2Dx is much simpler and faster. With improved time, accuracy, and ease of diagnosis, critical health decisions can be made in real time.

D2Dx™ - From Diameter to Diagnostics

Nano Discovery has completely revolutionized the testing process for the detection and diagnosis of infectious diseases. A unique methodology coupled with the customizable immunoassay technology product comprise the D2Dx technology platform.

The D2Dx platform enables labs to offer immunoassay tests at a fraction of the expense compared to current ELISA testing in a fraction of the time. The cost of a fully automatic system to perform ELISA with high throughput capability varies – commonly ranging between $1M to $2M; the Nano Discovery platform will be offered at a cost 10- to 20-fold lower. In contrast to the 5-6 hour ELISA test process, the D2Dx test is complete within as little as 5 to 30 minutes. The minimal turnaround times will allow laboratories to keep pace, even to sudden spikes to test volume. With the capability of processing 1,000 samples per hour per technician, labor costs are minimized. By significantly decreasing costs, D2Dx will enable more clinical laboratory service providers to offer testing, increasing both availability and affordability for patients.

Owing largely to the rapidly aging population, increased life expectancy, and the increasing prevalence of chronic infectious diseases, there is an ever-growing global need for rapid, affordable, and easily accessible diagnostic testing in healthcare – including an increasing demand for rapid immunoassay testing. With the footprint of a small, desktop printer, D2Dx offers a convenient and low-cost portable immunoassay platform for true point-of-care, rapid testing. The large, expensive machines currently used for testing are not readily available to those living in remote and underserved regions of the world.

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