Animal Immune Health - The Ultimate Solution to Fight Against Infectious Diseases

March 12, 2023


In livestock industry, infectious diseases are the leading causes for animal morbidity, mortality and financial losses for farm owners. Animals with better immune health are naturally more resistant to infectious diseases, more productive and happier. As a farm owner or manager, you want to know the immune health status of your animals. Nano Discovery's D2Dx™ immunity test is such a product that you are looking for! The test uses a non-hazardous pseudo pathogen particle to evaluate the immune status of your animal, at the animal side, on the farm. You can conduct this test in your office or even at the barn. The test is easy to perform and the result is obtained in less than one minute. The test has been applied to both dairy and beef cattle at all ages, from newborn to weaning calves, feedlot calves, pre-breeding heifers, and transition cows. If your animals are not in optimum immune health, there are nutrition products, feed additive or supplement that can help boost the immunity of your animals. Knowing the immune health of your herd will also help you make important management decisions. 

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