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D2Dx™ Immunity Test 

One-Minute Blood Test for Animal Immune Health Testing

Searching for a reliable and accurate method to evaluate your animals' immune health? Our rapid blood test for animal immune health testing offers a quantitative analysis of the function of your animal's immune system, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding their care and well-being. Count on our cutting-edge technology to provide you with the results you need to keep your animals healthy and happy. Order your Blood Test for Animal Immune Health Testing today!

For human and non-human primates research: while our products are primarily used for livestock animal immune health testing, we have products that can be used for human and non-human primates related research applications. These research applications include but not limited to, studying the pharmacokinetics of immune stimulating or inhibiting drug and drug candidates; supporting new vaccine development and trials; investigating immune function-related human diseases and drug development, etc. Please refer to the PRODUCTS page and CONTACT US for more details.


Nano Discovery Inc. is a biotechnology company based in Orlando, Florida, United States. We develop, manufacture and sell a rapid blood test product, D2Dx™ immunity test, to detect and monitor farm and companion animals' immune status and health. We also supply products for research and studies related to human diseases. D2Dx™ technology is protected by multiple granted patents and pending patent applications.


D2Dx™ immunity test is a rapid blood test for animal immune health testing. It is a one-of-its-kind test that allows quick and accurate assessment of an animal's immune status on the farm, on the animal side. Producers, farmers and veterinarians can conduct the test in local facilities without shipping samples to laboratories and waiting days to receive the results. Our product is built upon and supported by years of research. Read our NEWS and BLOG to learn more today!



D2Dx™ immunity test can be used to monitor the immune status and development of dairy, beef, and dairy-beef cross calves at any growth stage, from birth to weaning, to feedlot and finishing. The test provides the information you need to make informed treatment and nutrition management decisions.

  • Identify newborn dairy calves with failure of passive immune transfer (FPIT)
  • Identify calves with compromised immune health due to stress (transportation, weaning, heat), and calves with active infections.
  • Select and adjust feed, feed additives/supplements and nutrition products that will keep animals in best immune health and reach the best production performance


Infectious diseases (mastitis, metritis) are the leading cause to financial loss in dairy farms. Dairy cows are more prone to diseases (mastitis, metritis) during the peri-parturient period because their immunity is compromised during this period. D2Dx™ immunity test provides a convenient tool to evaluate the cows' immune health on the farm. The test results can help farmers and producers select the best feed/nutrition products and treatments to maximize the immune protection in the cows. Cows with better immune health post calving are more productive and less prone to diseases. Some studies also show that cows with higher immunity test scores during breeding season tend to have higher conception rate from cows with lower immunity scores.


The intensive production system in poultry farms makes infectious diseases particularly challenging to deal with. Due to close contacts, birds are constantly exposed to a wide range of high risk and contagious pathogens. There is also an increasing pressure to reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock industry. To overcome these challenges, the most ideal solution is to boost the animals' own immune health. There are many products (feed, feed additives, supplements, and other non-antibiotic products) that are designed and developed to help improve the birds' immune health. D2Dx™ immunity test provides a convenient tool for producers and nutritionists to monitor the flock's immune health and to select the best performing products for the flock.


D2Dx™ immunity test can be used to monitor the immune status and health in ewes, lambs, and goats. Studies have found that ewes with higher D2Dx™ immunity test scores tend to have less risk of parasitic infection (lower FEC) and lower somatic cell count (LogSCC) in milk compared to ewes with lower immunity scores. D2Dx™ immunity test may also be used to identify mother ewes with better immune health for selective breeding. Research has found a positive correlation between mother ewes' immunity scores during the peri-parturient period and the general health of newborn lambs. Lambs born from mother ewes with higher immunity scores tend to have higher immunity scores and higher average daily gains in the first 60 days following birth.


The immune health of your pets directly impacts the overall health, well-being and happiness of your beloved animal companions. Due to genetic factors, aging, unbalanced or poor nutrition, your pets' immune health may be compromised. This will increase their risk of infections and other diseases. Studies have shown that D2Dx™ immunity test is able to evaluate the humoral immunity in dogs and cats. Based on the results, proper nutritional products and other intervention solutions may be selected and adopted to improve the immune health of your pets. In the case of an infection, the test helps diagnose the infection early, and guide the selection and use of antibiotics and anti-viral medicines to achieve the best treatment effect. 


The prices listed here are only for the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Please get in touch with us for a price quote for all other countries and regions. Discounts are available for academic researchers and small business owners. Please contact us for more information.


CT-100 is the device used to perform the D2Dx™ immunity test. One-time purchase item.


D2Dx™ Immunity Test Kits


Test kit that contains the reagent and consumables to perform 100 tests. The kits are used for measuring the immune health of cattle, sheep, goats, broiler chicken and certain type of fish.


100  tests per kit


Test kit that contains the reagent and consumables to perform 200 tests. The kits are used for measuring the immune health of cattle, sheep, goats, broiler chicken and certain type of fish.


200  tests per kit


Test kit that contains the reagent and consumables to perform 500 tests. The kits are used for measuring the immune health of cattle, sheep, goats, broiler chicken and certain type of fish .


500 tests per kit


Test kit to measure the immune health of swine and some other animal species. Please contact us for additional technical support. The kit contains the reagent and consumables to perform 100 tests. 


100 tests per kit


For larger quantities of regular D2Dx™ immunity test kits, please contact us to request quote. The kits are used for measuring the immune health of cattle, sheep, goats, broiler chicken and certain type of fish.



Special test kit for human and non-human primates research applications (NOT FOR CLINICAL DIAGNOSTIC APPLICATIONS). The kit contains reagent and consumables to analyze 50 samples in triplicate.


One kit for 50 samples


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