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D2Dx™ Immunity Test 

One-Minute Blood Test for Animal Immune Health Testing

Searching for a reliable and accurate method to evaluate your animals' immune health? Our rapid blood test for animal immune health testing offers a quantitative analysis of the function of your animal's immune system, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding their care and well-being. Count on our cutting-edge technology to provide you with the results you need to keep your animals healthy and happy. Order your Blood Test for Animal Immune Health Testing today!


Nano Discovery Inc. is a biotechnology company based in Orlando, Florida, United States. We develop, manufacture and sell a rapid blood test product, D2Dx™ immunity test, to detect and monitor farm and companion animals' immune status and health. D2Dx™ technology is protected by multiple granted patents and pending patent applications.


D2Dx™ immunity test is a rapid blood test for animal immune health testing. It is a one-of-its-kind test that allows quick and accurate assessment of an animal's immune status on the farm, on the animal side. Farmers and veterinarians can conduct the test in their local facilities without shipping samples to laboratories and waiting days to receive the results. Our product is built upon and supported by years of research and extensive data evidence. We are proud to provide a satisfaction guarantee to our clients and customers. Read our NEWS and BLOG to learn more today!


D2Dx™ immunity test has been used to monitor and determine the immune health and status in multiple animal species (cattle, sheep, goats, fish, poultry, swine) at different growth and reproduction stages. The test may be used for both farm management and research purposes. Please visit the NEWS and BLOG section to read the scientific publications, conference presentations, and farm trial data on the D2Dx™ immunity test.  

Calves (dairy, beef, dairy-beef cross, and feedlot calves)

D2Dx™ immunity test can be used to monitor the immune status and development of dairy, beef, and dairy-beef cross calves at any growth stage. The test results can help make treatment, nutrition management, and breeding management decisions.

  • Identify newborn dairy calves with failure of passive immune transfer (FPIT);
  • Determine if calves at 8-10 weeks of age have developed sufficient immunity and are ready for weaning. Use the information to manage the weaning program. Select heifer calves with the best immunity as replacement heifers
  • Identify calves with compromised immune health due to stress (transportation, weaning, heat), and calves with active infections.

Dairy cows and heifers

Dairy cows experience immunity change during the peri-parturient period, and these changes make the cows more vulnerable to infectious diseases. D2Dx™ immunity test can be used to monitor the cows' immune health on the farm and help farmers select the best nutrition products and other treatments to achieve the best immune protection for the cows.

Getting a dairy cow pregnant on time remains a significant challenge in the dairy industry. Animals with better immune health tend to have higher fertility. Recent studies found that the D2Dx™ immunity test can help identify cows with higher pregnancy probability from cows with lower fertility. The difference between the high fertility group vs. the low fertility group can be as large as 40% (60-75% in the high fertility vs. 30% in the low fertility group). The test may also help farmers select the best replacement heifers at the weaning age to reduce heifer-rearing costs and improve profitability.

Sheep, goats, lamb

D2Dx™ immunity test has been used to monitor the immune status and health in ewes, lambs, and goat kids. Studies have found that ewes with higher D2Dx™ immunity test scores tend to have less risk of parasitic infection (lower FEC) and lower somatic cell count (LogSCC) in milk compared to ewes with lower immunity scores.

D2Dx™ immunity test may also be used to identify mother ewes with better immune health for selective breeding. Researchers found a positive correlation between mother ewes' immunity scores during the peri-parturient period and the general health of newborn lambs. Lambs born from mother ewes with higher immunity scores tend to have higher immunity scores and higher average daily gains in the first 60 days following birth.

Nutrition management

Feed and nutritional supplements are extremely important for animal health. Animals require different types and levels of nutrition supply at the different growth stages. The nutrition needs of farm animals also vary according to seasons and their geological locations. Many feed, nutrition, and supplement products in the market are formulated to improve the immune health of animals.

D2Dx™ immunity test provides a simple tool for farm owners, managers, and veterinarians to conveniently monitor the entire herd's immune health in a farm setting. Feed and nutrition plans may be adjusted to achieve the best results based on the results. Use the D2Dx™ immunity test to make informed and timely management decisions.


The prices listed here are only for the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Please get in touch with us for a price quote for all other countries and regions. Discounts are available for academic researchers and small business owners. Please contact us for more information.


CT-100 is the device used to perform the D2Dx™ immunity test. One-time purchase item.



Test kit that contains the reagents and consumables to perform 200 tests.



Test kit that contains the reagents and consumables to perform 500 tests.



For larger quantities, please contact us to request quote.



January 31, 2023 - A peer-reviewed paper was just published in the Journal of Animal Science, showing the use of the D2Dx™ immunity test to study the immune health and immune status change in feedlot calves - "Effect of supplemental Zn concentration and trace mineral source on immune function and associated biomarkers of immune status in weaned beef calves received into feedlot" (a study conducted by researchers from Iowa State University and Zinpro Corporation)

January 16, 2023 - Nano Discovery is happy to announce that Dr. Dari Brown from Dari Brown Consulting LLC has joined Nano Discovery as a consultant. Dr. Brown has 17 + years of experience and expertise within the Ag (Feed and Feed Additive) and pet industries, both domestic and international markets within multiple species (dairy, swine, poultry, beef, dog, and cat). Dr. Brown held leadership roles in general management (overseeing Operations, R&D/Innovation, Quality, Procurement, Sales & Marketing), business development, sales, marketing, technical service, and R&D (feed, feed additive, and pet supplements) within the US and International markets. Read more about Dr. Brown here. Welcome, Dr. Brown!

November 11, 2022 - Nano Discovery Inc. CEO gave a presentation on D2Dx™ immunity test technology in the November NIAMRRE member spotlight webinar series. Read the Member Spotlight Recap from Erica Baker here.

October 11, 2022 - Nano Discovery CEO will give a presentation in the upcoming November NIAMRRE (The National Institute of Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Education) member spotlight webinar series - November 8 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (CST). Visit here for additional details.

Zoom link: https://iastate.zoom.us/j/97722246659?pwd=dUZRVzNLbk5tblJZbHFVMXJkbG9OZz09

October 6, 2022 - Nano Discovery Inc. will sponsor a free webinar on " Inflammation and Immune Health in Dairy Cattle and Sheep During the Peri-parturient Period", to be held on October 18, 2022. Click here to register for the webinar

September 14, 2022 - A presentation will be made at the American Society of Animal Science Western Section (WSASAS) Annual Conference (September 20-22, 2022) on using the D2Dx™ immunity test for feedlot cattle immune health testing

  • An Evaluation of a Nutrient Drench Administered to Calves at Arrival into the Feedlot on Subsequent Health Status and Assessment of Immune Status with a Rapid Immunity Test. Abstract No. PSII-1.

May 2, 2022 - We are proud to announce that Nano Discovery Inc. has joined The National Institute of Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Education (NIAMRRE). At Nano Discovery Inc., we are keen to use our product and technology to help improve animal health and reduce the use of antibiotics in food and companion animals. We look forward to working with the NIAMRRE community!

April 28, 2022  - Multiple presentations will be made at the 2022 American Dairy Science Association annual meeting on the use of the D2Dx™ immunity test for dairy animal health research

  • The D2Dx immunity test is a measure of immune health in ewes and lambs. Abstract No. 1416.
  • Use of a rapid immunity test as an early pregnancy diagnosis tool. Abstract No. 2095M.  
  • Assessment of the effects of prepartum anti-inflammatory therapies on type 1/type 2 immunity ratio using a rapid blood test. Abstract No. 2464V.
  • Associations between clinical metritis and type 1/type 2 immunity in postpartum Holstein dairy cows. Abstract No. 2170T. 

April 26, 2022 - A presentation will be made at the 2022 American Society of Animal Science annual meeting on the use of the D2Dx™ immunity test to monitor newborn and neonatal dairy calf health

  • A nanotechnology base immunity measurement (D2Dx) compared with total serum protein concentration using neonatal Holstein bull calves. Casper, D. Casper Calf Ranch. Abstract No. PSX-B-9 . American Society of Animal Science Annual Meeting, June 26-30, 2022.

December 6, 2021 - A peer-reviewed paper published in Scientific Reports - A 1-minute blood test detects decreased immune function and increased clinical risk in COVID-19 patients. Deb C et al. Scientific Reports 11 Article number 23491 (2021).

November 27, 2021 - A peer-reviewed paper published in Applied Animal Science on the correlation between D2Dx™ immunity test score and beef cow fertility - Relationship between beef cow fertility and maternal Immunity, Corpron, M. et al. Applied Animal Science, Volume 37, Issue 6, P733-737, December 01, 2021

July 19, 2021- Multiple presentations are made at the 2021 American Society of Animal Science annual meeting on the use of the D2Dx™ immunity test for farm animal health research (click below to read abstracts published in the Journal of Animal Science)

July 11, 2021 - Multiple presentations are made at the 2021 American Dairy Science Association annual meeting on the use of the D2Dx™ immunity test for dairy animal health research

  • P319: The relative relationship between type 1/type 2 immunity and fertility in Holstein cows
  • P488: Use of a cow-side immune test to improve prediction of metritis
  • 104: Relationship between serum metabolites and milk fatty acid with periparturient diseases in Pacific Northwest dairy farms


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